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***Tipo de revista: profissionalizante – Practitioner journal

Print edition ISSN 2183-024X | Online edition ISSN 2183-1971

Not a Peer-Reviewed Journal - This practitioner type periodical publishes Musical works/methods, Compositions and audio datasets as Opinion or Comment articles/columns and scholarly Editorials. This periodical is written by the ALPMC-CI Composer and Postdoc, Carlos Alberto Viegas (our Board Chairman). For peer-review please visit the Carlophone journal.

NOTA: Os 8 clubes de revistas estão organizados nos termos dos Estatutos e Regulamento Interno da ALPMC-CI (Conselho Nacional).


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- Our Professional and Practitioner International Journals:

They are more suited for practitioners or professionals who work in industry, trade, arts, or service fields.

It’s important to note that these are not (and should not be), research-oriented or scholarly journals – are of practitioner type and/or for research in professional topics or industry-oriented. We cover very serious material and develop and innovate for new knowledge, important to be shared to future generations, and suitable to college students, ALPMC-CI trainees, professionals and teachers, and for this specific case peer-revision it’s not a priority and have some disadvantages.

On the other hand an article or essay might be sent to a process of open peer-revision (non-blinded) in some professional journal (eg. the Carlophone Journal) by an highly qualified peer in the music field.

All material (either of practitioner, professional or of scholarly type) must pass the editorial process for quality control before being published (for online or print journal editions). Minor amendments are often required for student essays and practitioner articles or professional monographs.

***Research-based academic papers that are usually published by academic research journals are not normally the specialty and scope of this journal, which publishes practitioner-type artistic annals. Exceptionally, and as the ALPMC-CI is becoming an autonomous research institute, the Carlophone journal is now an open peer-review publication to produce undergraduate musical content (both by undergraduate degree/diploma students and ALPMC-CI graduate trainees), which is specially designed for the purpose***

Tipo de trabalhos que a Revista de Performance Musical Contemporânea publica:

Ensaios de cariz técnico e prático com ideias úteis para performers;

Partituras de arranjos, composições e/ou trechos em estilos musicais ou adaptações para uma especialidade técnica.


Print edition ISSN 2183-024X | Online edition ISSN 2183-1971

To publish articles and music manuscripts which contribute to knowledge in contemporary music performance, particularly for 60 musical styles, specialties and arrangements.

Title of journal:
Investigação em Performance de Música Contemporânea

A semesterly practitioner type publication (march and september)

VOLUMES 01 & 02 (2013-2014) and 03 & 04 (2015-2016) were published with the FLPMC Collections (Editions 1-6 of the Collections)

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New Journal Issues NOW AVAILABLE:
At least 2 Volumes Covered each year

1-4. VOLUMES 05 & 06, Issues 01 and 02 of 2017 (1-2 Print and 3-4 Online)

5-10. VOLUMES 07 & 08-9, Issues 01 and 02 of 2018 (5-6-7 Print and 8-9-10 Online)

11. Poster of Communication 'A Teoria da Aprendizagem para Guitarra Jazz: ensino vs tutoria; um sistema interativo de tutorial e vídeo (assíncrono) 
Presented at the University Fernando Pessoa Research Days 2017 

12. Article 'A Teoria da Aprendizagem para Guitarra Jazz: ensino vs tutoria; um sistema interativo de tutorial e vídeo (assíncrono) 
Presented at the University Fernando Pessoa Research Days 2017

e-Journal Front Cover and Back Cover Pages, and brief Synopsis of the March and September 2017 online Joint editions: 

Brief Synopsis of this Issue
In this issue we seek to demonstrate, through musical excerpts and examples, what we will be publishing in the future for our Journal issues. These, apart from some academic abstracts, will also have 2 different columns with traditional music notation excerpts, as described on the next page. Column 1 – Classical Guitar, Jazz/Electric Guitar, Bass, Ukulele or Cavaquinho and Mandolin (excerpts of accompaniments and solo arrangements); 
Column 2 – String Big Band and Ensemble excerpts for up to 12 different instruments.

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São sociedades de natureza intelectual da Academia-Banda de Música, disponíveis apenas aos seus membros associados e membros titulares. Cada sociedade ou secção possui uma revista especializada (na edição impressa e edição em linha) numa área específica, que se trata do órgão oficial para publicar os anais da Academia nessa área técnica-científica.