BLOG - INTERNAL REGULATIONS | Graduate Specialization for PGALPMC-CI Registration (324 hours & postgraduate professional placement)


CURSOS DE ESPECIALISTA em POPULAR MUSIC - Educação Musical OU Formação Musical (Teoria), Guitarra e 2º cordofone

(Sigla do grau/qualificação de Especialista: PGALPMC-CI)

Our Popular Music Graduate Specialization has been extended to 524 hours total of continuing education and specialization with a professional placement (aprox. 200 hours of documented professional practice for post graduate CPD, which provides masters level work-based/focused training in a specific area) after the graduate portion of 324 hours of course curriculum. This culminates with the academic qualification of a Graduate Specialization in Popular Music - Music Education OR Theory and/or Guitar and a 2nd chordophone (traditional popular music and jazz in 3 stages); Not to be confused with a professional masters (Brazil) or máster oficial (Spain).

As a professional certification, the PGALPMC-CI Registration is recognized, especially for solo musician work or duets/trios and a relevant specialization for music education job roles. This really depends on what we want to do and where. And a good professional placement is a boost for your career and musical experience. 


324 hours of musical study and performance practice simulation by Video Submission and basic Audio Recordings


200 hours of documented professional placement1 (25 paid performances in any venues for instrumental solo music; or sung or a mix of both).

For each day of musician’s work we may consider 8 hours (or more) of work, in the same way as any other qualified job – for preparation, travel, setting the equipment in the venue and the performance work of up to 2 or 3 hours of music service. 

1please use the CPD Registration Form provided by the ALPMC-CI. And keep this document as part of your training because it is valuable to keep track of the performance work done and the venues. Since you start this professional placement at some venue you can begin to display the abbreviation of PGALPMC-CI (professional placement on going) on your CV, business card of solo musician (or duo/trio) or entertainer, or anywhere else.



Research Institutions do NOT award any masters degree (called 'Mestrado' in Portugal - 'Master Universitario Oficial' in Spain) and the ALPMC-CI is not an exception; unless they are university (associated) research entities, but in this case, and to avoid any illusions, they are only authorised for teaching specific units from a degree and for research training. The degree award is always made by the university itself on completion, not by the research institute.


-More Information will be Available Soon-


No Secretariado do Conselho Nacional ALPMC-CI em 13 de Agosto de 2023, Anadia, Aveiro, Portugal

O Presidente da Direção,

Professor Carlos Viegas (PostDoc)

Formador Acreditado pelo CCPFC



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