It is a Donation of only 25 euros in the 1st year for becoming a Member and enjoy 8 great benefits, which includes training for certification as a musician (amateur or professional level). In the following years the member donation would be only 15 euros. Membership in the ALPMC - CI includes the subscription of 3 Online Practitioner Journals each year. Important Note: we keep Small Donations as Anonymous. A receipt may be provided solely for organizational purposes and proof of donation payment. Your individual name, or company name (if applicable) will be displayed on the receipt but Not the tax number or other details in this specific case.

(Please note that membership to ALPMC run from 1 January to 31 December each year). Do NOT send any Donation payment before contacting the ALPMC-CI and filling the membership application form. A paper receipt will be issued for each donation received for you to keep track of your membership status.
The Free Academy of Contemporary Music Performance, Portugal, was founded with the objective of 'Setting an International Standardization in Contemporary Music Performance from Folk to Jazz for Chordophones of Portugal and Ukulele, and its dissemination around the world'.
It's devoted to the study of 40 Musical Specialties and 15 Subjects. This is the first Interactive Conservatory in Europe, and probably the best one in the world for the contemporary music field in the scope of distance learning. 
We provide musical improvement and interesting readings for both musicians and lay people interested in the subject, in the distinct musical areas of Folk Music, Cakewalk Music and Dance, Popular Waltz, Swing, Hot Jazz, Gospel Blues, Portuguese Popular Music, Bossa Nova, among others. We study the Folk, Oldtime and Gospel of Ireland, Scotland, Great Britain and North America, as well as the Traditional Music of Portugal and Brazil, for the improvement of contemporary performing musicians by setting a standard in 40 specialties. As an entity of national and international scope, it accepts a modest Annual SUPPORT of only a few euros from Members and other Supporting People to help in the Production and Publication of the Academy's Journal, for semi-professional and professional Musicians, lay people, singers, music teachers and students and musical directors to Encourage, Promote and Improve the best contemporary musical practice. Members have the access to 7 Advantages. Members are suggested to send a Donation of 25 euros (with access to the 7 advantages). Members should donate 15 euros in the consecutive years (renewable in January each year) for the continuing support of this scientific entity and for enjoying the benefits. Places for members are limited to 100 applications. Join today to reserve your place.
Join now by sending us an e-mail to academialivredepmc@gmail.com. You will receive a response in 24h.

***To be a musician or teacher is not pre-requisite. Support is welcome from people of any walk of life. The minimum age for members is 16.

Columns of Figures with notated music for ensembles, orchestras, acoustic guitar and classical guitar, braguinha, ukulele, rajão, braguesa viola (10-string guitar) with other Portuguese violas, foot drumming, carlophone, bass, etc., in our 40 different musical specialties, will be published on the Biannual Journal available only to supporting members, along with an e-CD to listen the musical excerpts and ideas presented. 

We also intend to start collaborating with national and international bands, orchestras and ensembles. 

Members receive the following 7 Benefits for the small yearly 15-euro donation:
1) 3 electronic Journal Editions each year + e-CDs (in March, June and September) with a lot of information for musicians, music enthusiasts, music teachers and students and musical directors;

2) Join a nacional and international academic entity of recognized merit and show to people that you are committed to support the world of music making and performing - a great Cause;

3) An electronic Certificate of Member with a renewal date - this membership certificate expires after 1 year;

4) You may request copies of various e-journal editions and a lot of high-quality sheet music for various instruments and string orchestra. These editions include Thousands of Professional Musical Manuscripts with Audio and Certification Packets with Audio and Video, available only to members - you may choose 3 professional quality manuscripts for your yearly donation (4 pages or more each manuscript with A3 cover);

5) You can also request audio files and scores of our Interactive String Ensembles and Orchestra for the instrument(s) you play, and for Solo Recital. There is also an Interactive Youth Orchestra of Music Education for children from 10 to 16 years of age for individual fun or group performance, to be used under the guidance of a teacher, parent or guardian. By this way, children can also benefit from the membership of teachers and parents;

6) A copy of 1 Academy e-book of your choice at the time of registration. Please choose an e-book from the FLPMC Collections page;

7) Access to the interactive Conservatory's specialist diploma programme (non-degree level but confering 240 hours of continuing education credits (UCs)) and advanced training (fellowship) by distance tutorial guidance at No Cost to Member-Candidates; a great opportunity of additional training in CPD for holders of the higher level Specialist Diploma in Popular Music, participating in a Fellowship/Advanced Training (non bursary or stipend) and gain an additional qualification (free of charge) that is becoming the 'gold standard' in the field of contemporary popular music.

Form for Member or Full Member - please download it below (the donation for associate member is 25 euros and full member is 70 euros in the 1st year - this donation has been updated from 2021 onwards)

If you would like to become a member, support the Academy work, and enjoy the benefits available to members and other supporters, send us an e-mail with your filled application form and the suggested donation.