COMUNICAÇÃO PELA MÚSICA ('9-NOTAS') [Clube/Revista profissionalizante]

***Tipo de revista: profissionalizante – Practitioner journal
Print edition ISSN 2184-7142 | Online edition ISSN 2184-7150

Not a Peer-Reviewed Journal - This practitioner type periodical publishes Musical works/methods, Compositions and audio datasets as Opinion or Comment articles/columns and scholarly Editorials. This periodical is written by the ALPMC-CI Composer and Postdoc, Carlos Alberto Viegas (our Board Chairman). For peer-review please visit the Carlophone journal.


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About this journal:

This journal is a periodical for professionals, amateurs and trainees edited by 1 editor; it is not normally peer-reviewed to allow the publication of shorter pieces introducing new thrilling topics that may not immediately fit within the academic debates, and these are written by the editor which is also the author of the works. Contributions from the editor do not exceed 2000 words and will include an abstract of approximately 150 words and also the key-words. The inclusion of pictures is permitted for publication and the periodical is devoted to the contribution of artistic scrutiny and artistic research and includes texts and essays or short articles written by the editor, which is, as mentioned before, also the author of the works published. 

Tipo de trabalhos que a revista técnica publica:

- Atividade de I&D de cariz técnico e profissional (Investigação e Desenvolvimento)

Ensaios de cariz técnico e prático;

Ideias inovadoras que reproduzam ou culminem em novo conhecimento ou renovado.


Research-oriented academic papers that are usually published by academic journals are not the specialty and scope of this journal, which publishes practitioner-type annals.

Print edition ISSN 2184-7142 | Online edition ISSN 2184-7150


This practitioner journal and e-journal are the official bodies that form the 4th musical society under the umbrella of the ALPMC-CI National Council (in the same way as the other 3 academic societies), which aims in publishing articles, music manuscripts and Cd-roms that contribute to knowledge in the field of contemporary music performance, and specifically for developing communication in music through the 9-note scale and its modes and harmony techniques, invented by Professor Carlos Viegas.

Title of journal:
Comunicação pela Música: escala de 9 notas (a 4ª sociedade científica de cariz técnico ('practitioner'))

A biennial practitioner type publication (march)

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