HOT CLUBE LUSÓFONO COLLECTION - An FLPMC Collection for Music Manuscripts and e-CDs of the Sinfonietta and Youth Orchestra for C.I. Preparation, and other music manuscripts for professionals

A Coleção Hot Clube Lusófono também possui outros manuscritos em 6 especialidades (mistura de estilos) de: contradança contemporânea (música de Portugal neste ritmo que não seja ‘lundu’ ou ‘polca’), cakewalk/minstrel (música Irlandesa neste ritmo - ‘marcha’, ‘jig’ para o ‘minstrel’, e ‘reel’), swing lundu (lundu e polca de Portugal, e chôro e samba suave do Brasil, com este ritmo), hot jazz Português, valsa hot jazz (polcas Irlandesas e folk Irlandês tipo ‘air’=canção) e ‘valsa-fusão’ (re-harmonizado com acordes das escalas menores harm. e melód.)).

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The Academy has thousands of Musical Works and Professional Arrangements. They were designed for our interactive Folk to Jazz Orchestra (Sinfonietta), and for Solo Recitals, as well as for the Interactive Youth Orchestra (Music Education).

This page provides only a few Professional Music Manuscripts and audio files for the Six Violas of Portugal, specially the Braguesa, Cavaquinho, Ukulele, Stride Guitar (like a Piano player) with Foot Percussion, and for Folk to Jazz String Orchestra (both amateur and professional), and for other plucked string instruments, Irish Harp, Violin, Viola and Double-bass. Arrangements for the Rajão from Madeira are now under development.

How the Interactive String Sinfonietta and Youth Orchestra works?
It’s simple and objective, as explained in the following steps:

You tell us what is (if you are an orchestral player), or would be (if you are just trying now), your role within an orchestra, according to your musical skills and experience. You might be an amateur or professional musician.

Examples: solo guitarist, rhythm guitar, violin 1, violin 2, solo violinist, etc. etc. It can be any orchestral string instrument, as well as guitar, ukulele, braguesa guitar (10-string guitar from Portugal), contrabass or bass.

Then you will receive a score and an audio file for the song of your choice. 

You should practise your part, even if you are good at sight-reading. The score will include an improvisation chart. To play the full score, some improvisation skills are needed as well. 

The score and audio file will be customized for you in this manner.

Please choose your song from our repertoire list and send us an e-mail.

Scores and audio files are produced for our 21 musical specialties.
This online musical activity is only available to Members and Trainees.
If you are not a Member please e-mail us to register today.

The 'Man-Orchestra' is under development. Audio Samples and Photos will be published here. Please keep coming back

*Below, we present some examples of scores for both Orchestra and Solo Playing.


Score and Audio of the Portuguese National Anthem 'A Portuguesa'

Arranged in Cakewalk for Guitar, Cavaquinho, Six Violas of Portugal and Ukulele (Audio will be uploaded soon)

Guitar Duet or Stride Guitar

Score and Audio of the Portuguese National Anthem 'Hino da Carta'

Arranged in Cakewalk Dance (Audio will be uploaded soon)

Score and Audio of 'The Diplomat' by John Filipe de Sousa - in the honor of Dom Carlos I of Portugal

Arranged in Cakewalk waltz

The Diplomat

Folk & Jazz String Orchestra (Sinfonietta)

Score and Audio Part 1 of 'Minstrel Boy' (Soundtrack of the Movie 'Star Trek')

Arranged in Cakewalk Dance

Minstrel Boy for Jazz Orchestra (Audio Part 1)

Audio Part 1 without Guitar (backing-track for Guitarists)

Audio Part 1 without Bass (backing-track for Bassists)

Minstrel boy without bass

Score and Audio of 'Come Sunday' (Sacred Concert of Duke Ellington)

Come Sunday for Jazz Orchestra (Audio)

(Score will be uploaded soon)

For Solo Guitar (Chord-Melody), Stride Guitar with Foot Drumming, or for Guitar Duo Ensemble

Score and Audio of 'St. James Infirmary' (pre-30s Jazz Music)

Arranged in Hot Jazz

St. James Infirmary for Guitar


Score and Audio of 'Frankie and Johnnie' (pre-30s Jazz Music)

Arranged in Early Jazz Swing

Frankie and Johnnie for Piano

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