HOT CLUBE LUSÓFONO COLLECTION - An Extension of the FLPMC Collections for Music Manuscripts and e-CDs

This website page is dedicated to the Online Youth Orchestra for children and adolescents from 10 to 18 years of age - classical and popular music ensembles and solo playing for non-certified (or non-regulated) Conservatory (i.e., College) Preparation.
As an interactive conservatoire for post-18 musical learning at certificate level, diploma level, and also postgraduate education, we should implement online educational and performance activities for these ages (10 to 18), in order to our conservatoire pilot project to work as a full distance educational work environment. Each composer/artist/band has an illustrated classical or popular music history component, along with some video-links, to complement the practical group performance. 

Academy membership is needed to receive our complete resources and other advantages (fully illustrated biographical histories of the bands and artists, available in 3 languages, practicing scores and traditional music scores, and e-CDs with 1 track for practicing and another track for playing along, specially made for each piece or song), and tutorials (pdf documents explaining the best way to learn and implement the songs - a guide for teachers and parents).

Scope of the orchestra and instrumental practice
This is ideal for individual fun at home, group performances with friends, for use in the school system, conservatory grade level programmes, private music schools, and any other institution officially connected with the music education sector. Copyright licensing for the tunes is the responsibility of each teacher (please read the notice on this page about this). For private use, at home, is should not be any problem.
It is advised that each participant on this activity should practise the given instrument individually, like a prep-class, before synchronizing the group to play the music score together, individually, with friends, with the guidance of a parent or guardian, over the audio files provided by us. Pulse (beating), Tempo (bps) and basic Meter (time signature/nº of beats per bar) are the essential tools to know before performing.
Portuguese traditional music instruments, like Cavaquinho/Braguinha from Madeira (Portugal), or Ukulele from Hawaii (USA), Viola Braguesa (10-string guitar) from Braga (Portugal), and Rajão from Madeira (Portugal), or if you prefer, the Guitar or any other instrument, should be included to play melodies and arrangements. ***At conservatory grades 1 to 5 levels there are 15 musical scores available to members, for popular music band performance with singer. Our approach is performing any song as a 'Standard' (Real Books, Al Leonard) but respecting the number of verses of the singer for the 'Cover Song'. An improvisation part is also needed (major and minor pentatonic and blues scales, and major and minor scale modes and using the ear for creating melodic solo improvisations). These are songs of Portuguese Popular Music, Bossa Nova and Jazz.

Below, we present 3 classical pieces of Bach, 3 Portuguese and 3 Brazilian basic level popular songs (more tunes will be uploaded) for the Interactive Youth Orchestra, with an illustrated biography for each composer, artist or band, scores and audio files to play along with. The artists and bands suggested are the most eminent in Portugal and Brazil – they are the great punk-rock band Xutos & Pontapés, politic-songwriter José Afonso, guitarist and national icon Carlos Paredes, the Queen of Fado Amália Rodrigues, and the great Carlos Jobim who internationalized the Brazilian bossa nova. Sample music scores for different instruments and versions (for the children to explore each tune with different musical styles/tastes and instruments) to be selected by each group or individual, will be available completely free of charge at this page. Complete resources and tutorials are only available to members.

NOTICE: Most songs arranged for the Youth Orchestra are not in the domain name (not copyright free) and the academy does not have a copyright agreement for this. Some songs have many different parts, and we may not provide the complete versions of the original because their full length make it difficult for children to perform. Musical maturity and concentration time is a requirement more expected from older students. These examples/parts are just for learning purposes to students of mandatory school age, from 10 (conservatory grade 1 level in music performance) to 18 years old (conservatory grade 8 level in music performance - classical and popular), as the post-18 years of age is for college and higher studies.

A few samples (both sheet music and audio) will be uploaded soon...