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The Recitation Practice and Declamation of both poetry and dramatic prose fiction as a complement to musical performance

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About this journal:

This journal is a periodical for amateurs and trainees only, edited by 1 editor; it is not normally peer-reviewed to allow the publication of shorter pieces introducing new thrilling topics that may not immediately fit within the academic debates, and these are written by the editor. Contributions from the editor do not exceed 2000 words and will include an abstract of approximately 150 words and also the key-words. The inclusion of pictures is permitted for publication and the periodical is devoted to artistic learning and includes texts and essays or short articles written by the editor, using the expression "From the editor". This periodical complements the music performance and composition fields.


Tipo de trabalhos que a revista técnica publica:

- Atividade de I&D de cariz técnico e profissional (Investigação e Desenvolvimento)

Conteúdos de base e ideias no campo de atuação da revista.


Print edition ISSN 2184-7797 | Online edition ISSN 2184-7878

Mission: suggestion and development of activities for musical drama, speech (recite) and declamation at school level.

Title of journal:
Drama e Declamação

A biennial practitioner type publication (august 2020-)