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The Recitation Practice and Declamation of both poetry and dramatic prose fiction
Please note that we might use practitioner-type blind review for some monographs submitted to the Fellowship for a quality control under the Editorial Boards, but as we publish Journals in Non-Academic Subjects, in practical and Specific Arts Subjects for training professional musicians (Instrumental Music, technical Concepts of Performance and contemporary Composition methods, and other music practitioner topics alike) the papers (which are resumes of monographs) are Not peer-reviewed in our journals. They are more academic than for example articles or columns of international magazines for musical performance methods, instrumental technique and sheet music publication, but are shurely less academic than for example a Medical or Science journal! We aim to publish 'The Music Practitioner Journals' for music performers, composers, teachers and tutors, at the highest possible standard of music performance and composition for technical music literature, very practical in nature and not generic at all, and in other Arts Subjects related, or connected to the Practical Performance field. Each monograph resume must receive feedback from both the Editor and 1 Member (anonymous) of our 6 Editorial Boards from the Academy's scientific societies. Only full members preparing an Essay Assessment for Fellowship Entry are able to participate and publish with the scientific societies.

Tipo de trabalhos que a revista publica:

Resumos (Abstracts) de projetos de investigação científica do tipo 'practitioner'. Estes artigos académicos poderão ter um blind-review, ou não - apenas o resumo será publicado após alterações ou correções mínimas no projeto (5 a 10 páginas), e com a aprovação do editor;

Revisões literárias (Reviews);

Ensaios de cariz técnico e prático.

Print edition ISSN 2184-7797 | Online edition ISSN 2184-7878

Mission: suggestion and development of activities for musical drama, speech (recite) and declamation at school level.

Title of journal:
Drama e Declamação

A biennial practitioner type publication (august 2020-)